Easter Story Starter

by brady on April 10th, 2020

Stuck at home? Needing to keep the kids busy somehow and desperately trying to figure out how that can involve you less while also being somehow good for them?

We’ve got you covered! Between the avalanche of new drawing tutorials we’ve been releasing and the imagination-igniting drawing-starters we’ve linked below, your kids will be inspired and motivated to create new drawings and stories. From their imaginations!

Videos are about 30 minutes long and full of fun, zany commentary to keep kids interested. I mean, which one of us doesn’t want 30 minutes of breathing space these days? (And don’t forget to subscribe to see new videos which are being released several times a week!)

This week we’ve got a fun “How to Draw Easter Eggs” tutorial for kids, complete with “Story Starters,” our innovative partial-drawings where kids can use their newly acquired skills to fill in the-rest-of-the-story. (Some kids just need a little help getting started, amirite?)

Click the links here or at the bottom of this post to download your Easter Story Starters.

These tutorials are perfect quarantine kid activities, homeschool art classes, and any-morning focused fun. Some recent favorites include How to Draw Baby Yoda and How to Draw Sharks.

There are also pre-curated playlists. Start one of those and when interest is peaked in one video, there’s a companion video that’s an easy next step!

Links to Starters!

Here are our free Easter “Story Starters” for your kids’ imagination to go wild. Download four pages of “egg-cellent” starters and let your creativity out for some fresh air!

The Holiday Freebies & Tutorials Are Getting Serious Around Here

by Amber on December 20th, 2016

Christmas is just a few days away and the kids are already off for vacation. Let them wrap their imaginations up in these coloring sheets and drawing tutorials. Did we mention that they are all free and super fun?

A Brand New Winter Story Starter

Print this coloring sheet*, pass the printed sheet and a few crayons to a child in your house looking for something to do and and ask them the question, “What else could there be?” or “What happens next?”.  You’ll be amazed at their answers to your prompts. (*This link is broken but we’re working on fixing it!)

A Coloring Sheet Full of Tree Shenanigans

This was a fun Christmas Coloring Sheet for Brady–and it is definitely full of shenanigans! From the unique ornaments to the turkey under to tree, let your imagination run wild as you finish this Christmas scene. Download the sheet here.

christmas starters coloring pages

Come & See Christmas Coloring Sheet

Our Come & See Christmas Coloring Sheet originally was for a monthly magazine as the December issue. Brady’s illustration exudes the glory and hope of the Christmas season. You can download the Come & See Sheet here.

 Woodland Creatures Drawing Tutorial

Brady’s episode of the Woodland Creatures Drawing Tutorial will help your kids imagine characters perfect for their very own winter story. Watch the tutorial below or see it full-size on our Vimeo Channel.

Looking for more creativity and imagination for your kids? Check out our original book, Serious Starters. Its full-spread world-starters get kids started on their own stories, and there are prompts in the back of the book for writing, creating, building, and more! Available at our shop and on Amazon.

A Holiday Story Starter for Your Kiddos Thanksgiving Break

by Amber on November 22nd, 2016

Brady illustrated a special Thanksgiving Story Starter for you this week… just some extra fun from our house to yours!

Story Starters invite kids to express their imaginations on paper…and give YOU a few uninterrupted minutes of holiday prep! Kiddos simply add whatever else THEY think belongs in the scene. Or they can take a more storied approach by continually answering the question, “what happens next?”

Get the printable coloring page by clicking here or on the image below.

Thanksgiving Story Starter

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our November special! Use code “THANKS2016” at checkout.


Breaking the Silence…

by Amber on November 15th, 2016

So it’s been a little quiet around here lately. But only because things have been incredibly LOUD in our world in some really neat ways.

You may already know that we live and work outside of Beirut, Lebanon with abused, abandoned, and neglected children, many of them refugees from the region’s many conflicts. Well early this year, a group from the United States expressed a desire to partner with us and another organization in Lebanon to create a brand new school just for our kids.

Home of Hope New School

Since that time, we’ve been crafting a school intended just for them. Most of them have never been to school. All of them have experienced trauma; all of them live separated from their families (if they have families at all). So our school aims to meet their biggest developmental and emotional needs first, in the context of academics and relevant vocational skills. It’s the first school of its kind that we know of, and it has been a monster of a roller coaster. It has taken every drop of energy we’ve had for months and months and months.

But now we’re eight weeks in to this boisterous adventure, and we’re seeing amazing things happen. The kids feel safe and know they’re cared for. They’re so hungry to learn and are growing as people so, so much.

Then a mere five weeks into the new school, one of the grant organizations (who reports to the UN) had their representatives come and privately interview each of our students. We felt certain there would be a lot of “constructive feedback” from our kids, but with tears in their eyes, the interviewers said that every last kid said they love school and feel safe and respected.

Now that things are finding their rhythm, we’re hoping to get back to the imagination and fun we used to share more often.

Most of all, THANK YOU for being a part of the Serious Creatures family. You are a huge part of our work here in Lebanon and your participation in our online shenanigans keeps us smiling. We can’t thank you enough!

Star Wars ‘Bad Guys’ Drawing Tutorial for Kids :: Easy Step by Step Instructions

by Amber on March 11th, 2016

Star Wars part deux!  In our second Star Wars tutorial, Brady shows how to draw Star Wars bad guys like Darth Vader, the Storm Troopers, and Boba Fett. (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Star Wars good guys tutorial, too.)

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