Draw With Me :: A New Community Drawing Project!

by Amber on September 29th, 2015

SCdrawwithme title square

Our new community drawing project is for all ages and is a quick way to share a little imagination and whimsy. We’ll do one each week for the next few weeks and then use your feedback to plan its future. Ready?

Here’s how it works.

  1. We’ll provide three words/elements/things.
  2. You (or your kids, or your very clever hamster) draw an picture combining all three.

(Drawings can be as simple or elaborate as you like. If you need help getting started, watch Brady’s drawing tutorial for ideas.)

Then, share the image at your preferred locale:

+ on Instagram, use #SCdrawwithme and tag @seriouscreatures
+ on Facebook, use #SCdrawwithme and tag @seriouscreatures
+ or Twitter, use #SCdrawwithme and tag @seriouscre

Post anytime during the week; Brady will be watching the feed and will comment as often as he can. (Please note: we can only see your drawings if your feed is public.)

On Friday, Brady will share his own contribution and when possible, post a video of it coming together.

(Don’t forget to peruse other’s drawings and share words of encouragement! We’re always more fun together.)

And as always, send us your thoughts and suggestions. We’d love to make this as fun as possible for everyone!

This week’s items to incorporate are:

SCdrawwithme 29 sept




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