Free Christmas Printable Coloring Page

by Amber on November 29th, 2014

FREE "Come and See" Christmas Coloring Art Printable

Brady was recently asked to illustrate the December issue of our stateside church’s monthly magazine. When the editor saw the final line-drawing, she immediately asked if there was a way to get the image as a coloring page. Her son was already peering into the nooks and crannies of the illustration and she wanted to him to be able to spend time with it on his own.

Well, of course we can share a coloring page, Julie. Thanks for asking!

Get the printable coloring page by clicking here. (People have been asking about an art print, too, and yes! It’s available here as an 8×10 Fine Art Print.)


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Free Christmas Coloring Page Art from @SeriousCreatures


  1. Nina Harden says:


  2. Cleo Fraser says:

    I love the picture & want to colour it but can’t seem to get it to my email. Can you please help!

  3. Bev Phillips says:

    Thank u so much….beautiful

  4. Joel watson says:

    Delightful and thoughtful and beautiful, thank you.

  5. Elizabeth Bekker says:

    Thank you for this beautiful page

  6. Rebecca L Jones says:

    It’s beautiful to include more creatures and the lion stands out.

  7. Tara Fox says:

    The link is not working, is this printable still available?

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