Fun on Instagram, #SCdrawovers

by Amber on June 6th, 2014

Serious Creatures #SCdrawovers on Instagram
Have you seen the “drawovers” over at our Instagram feed? We’ve been having a lot of fun with them so I thought I’d share more about them and let you know how to join the fun!

Not long ago Amber and I were exploring a “wadi” here in Oman. We say a wadi is a dry riverbed, but “riverbed” insinuates the presence of an actual river, something that doesn’t exist in Oman or anywhere in the Arabian Peninsula. A wadi is actually just the path that rainwater uses to find the ocean on the rare occasion that it actually rains.

Anyway, we were exploring a wadi near some ancient ruins, and exclaiming again how much this place looks like Tatooine, the desert planet Luke Skywalker is from in Star Wars.

As a surprise, I took Amber’s Instagram from that day, added a few Jawas and droids, and Instagrammed it myself.

And there it was, my first ever drawover.

I quickly found myself wanting to dive in again and again. I loved the difficulty of trying to match the colors of the picture and make it look as real as possible as well as how it provided a palette for some new kinds of creativity.

Eventually other people invited me to draw on their Instagram pictures, too, and this is where #SCdrawover really began.

Check out the full collection over at our Instagram feed!

Wanna play along?

If you’d like your Instagram to be considered for a drawover, just tag @seriouscreatures and #SCdrawthis to the instagram photo. I’ll try to get to as many as I can!

Hints for good SCdrawover submissions:

  1. Choose a photo with a bit of empty space. Some room for wonky goes a long way toward a fun drawover.
  2. A prominent “subject” to play off of. Take a look at previous drawovers to get a feel for this. A person or a plate of cookies is an obvious subject, but a cave opening and an airport setting work just as well.
  3. Something you think would be fun!

Submit away! I can’t wait to see what we come up with together.

*Original Photo Credits from above, clockwise from upper left: @ambertheblack@purplehousecafejh@bwdaskam@squarerootof9

What say ye?