Help Your Kids Draw :: a Video Tutorial

by Amber on September 26th, 2015

Help Kids Draw Tutorial

With the Kickstarter up and running (hooray!), we’ve been busy planning videos, giveaways, and other fun stuff to keep the party going throughout the project. If you’re enjoying the shenanigans, please participate and share! We’d love to keep it going if we know you find them helpful.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like the following, this video is for you.

“MOMMMMMM!!! I need you to draw a bird! Right here, right here. Draw a bird.

(Never mind that you were rinsing yesterday’s lunch dishes with your first spare moment in 24 hours.)

You go over to help, but really? You can’t draw a bird. And you were kind of hoping that drawing could be an independent activity so you get a few things done before everyone comes home for the day! (Actually, that last bit is part of why we created Serious Starters in the first place, so you might want to check that out, too. But I digress.)

Here’s the deal. Kids like to draw. But they get discouraged when they can’t make what’s on the paper look like its supposed to. So they want YOU to make it look right. The problem is, if you’re like me (Amber here, by the way), you don’t know how either. So you’re stuck. You can’t help them, and eventually an activity that could have kept them busy and imagining and off in their own little world needs your constant attention. Or worse, they quit all together because they feel like they can’t do it.

Today’s video tutorial will help with all these things.

In it, Brady first shows how to draw stuff. Anything, really. But he also explains how you can pass this along to your kids, so that after a while, they can do it by themselves and not require your constant attention.

Have questions? Please ask in the comments! You’re definitely not the only one wondering.

Introducing Serious Starters!

by Amber on September 24th, 2015

Serious Starters Kickstarter!

After two years of love poured into this project, we’re excited to be launching Serious Starters on Kickstarter!

We plan to have lots of giveaways and other shenanigans this month (more shenanigans = more fun, right?), so join the fun on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Free Christmas Printable Coloring Page

by Amber on November 29th, 2014

FREE "Come and See" Christmas Coloring Art Printable

Brady was recently asked to illustrate the December issue of our stateside church’s monthly magazine. When the editor saw the final line-drawing, she immediately asked if there was a way to get the image as a coloring page. Her son was already peering into the nooks and crannies of the illustration and she wanted to him to be able to spend time with it on his own.

Well, of course we can share a coloring page, Julie. Thanks for asking!

Get the printable coloring page by clicking here. (People have been asking about an art print, too, and yes! It’s available here as an 8×10 Fine Art Print.)


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Free Christmas Coloring Page Art from @SeriousCreatures

The One Where We Move to Beirut

by brady on September 25th, 2014


It isn’t everyday that your life changes, but for us, Saturday is one of those of days. In two days we board a plane for Beirut (Lebanon) to work with a home for abused and abandoned children called Home of Hope.

Home of Hope accepts kids from all backgrounds and provides basic needs like food and shelter. But, as the majority of kids are ineligible for government services like schools and medical care, they also aim to provide education, medical care, legal help, and counseling.

Some of the kids are Palestinian or Syrian refugees, others are Lebanese-born. They arrive in the home because they have been picked up off the street or have been taken from a very abusive situation (think beatings that leave scars on young faces or parents selling their children for their organs and you’re on the right track). Their stories are myriad and all very sad.

But we’re so excited to serve in this new capacity. One of the reasons we started Serious Creatures was so that we could have a flexible life that would allow for doing more good with the numbered days we’ve been given. And in a few days, that hope becomes a reality! Thank you so much for helping make it all a reality by being a part of what we do here at Serious Creatures!

(And if we happen to grow a bit quieter over the next few weeks, you’ll know why. Ditto for if you begin seeing photos of airplanes and foreign shenanigans.)

Want to hear more? Here’s a post with a bit more of our story, and here’s an article about Syrian refugees that has a bit in it about the Home we’ll be working with.

We’ll also be sharing bits and pieces over time elsewhere on the web like my personal Instagram account and Amber’s blog and Instagram account. Should you find us there, don’t forget to say hello!

See you soon from the other side!

A Giveaway …and a Freebie!

by brady on September 15th, 2014

**This giveaway is now over. Be sure to catch the next freebie/giveaway by subscribing to our shop newsletter!**

In celebration of the arrival of our “Candy Thieves” set of Mini Art Notes, and to congratulate you for surviving the first weeks of school… we’re having a giveaway! 

Several winners will each get two sets (your choice) of our printable Mini Art Notes.

Enter to win by sharing a picture (on Instagram or Facebook) of a Serious Creatures Mini Art Note in use out in the wild. Use it as a lunch box note, a #thoughtdrop, or however your imagination carries you.

Don’t have a set of our printables? You’re in luck! Through this Friday (September 19), our brand new Candy Thieves Mini Art Notes are available for exactly free. Just follow the download instructions at the end of the post.

You can enter in either Facebook, Instagram or BOTH for more chances to win.

To Enter on Instagram:

Take a picture of one of our Mini Art Notes in use. Then tag @seriouscreatures and #SCfallgiveaway.

**if your Instagram profile is set to private, we won’t be able to see your entries, but you can still play on Facebook ***

To Enter on Facebook:

Post your photo in the comments section of the Giveaway post (it’s pinned at the top of our page).

That’s it!


Winners will be chosen from Facebook and Instagram on Saturday Sept 20th according to a highly scientific selection process that includes the use of dice, randomizers, and random superlatives. Which is to say, whimsical nonsense.

Additionally, the first three people to enter the contest on each media channel AUTOMATICALLY win!!! So have fun, write a little note of love to someone, and invite your friends to play along.

(The Candy Thieves Printable is no longer free, but it’s still only $4. Find it here!)

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